Ena Animal Escape
The story of this game is to escape some of the animals which has been locked inside the respective cage. Assume that you have seen some of the animals inside the cage. They need your help now to get escaped.
Lost Survival Escape Day 2
You made it through the night in the jungle. Who knows where you are. You need to get moving and find a town, a village or something to get you out of this mess! Good luck and have fun playing!
Snow Island Escape
The boy is trapped on the snow island. So, you have to help the boy to escape between the snows. He needs the skateboard to escape. That is locked in the red car. Try to find and open the car. …
Escape Mad Manor
Mad Manor is a place that is said to be haunted and you are stuck here! Find items and solve puzzles to escape!
Mini Tunnels Escape
Mini Tunnels Escape is point and click escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Imagine you are a geologist who had been working on a project which main goal was to find natural gas deep inside caves. So you …
White Night
White Night is a new Japanese point and click, room escape game from No1Game. Search for clue’s and items, use them ,solve puzzles and escape.
Mobile Apps Escape
One day you collect the high secure data in your smart mobile phone and later you forgot the password for that file. If you could not find the password, the data’s in the phone will be lost. Try to find …
Play Escape Survivor Island Day 2
Great job, you made it through your first night alone on the island! Now it’s time to make a shelter, find a better food source and find a way to hold more water. Get both your food and water level …
Ena Dragon Escape 2
The Story of this game is to make the grandpa escape from the fantasy forest with the help of dragon by mesmerizing it. Collect a special plant which helps you.
Play Lava Cave Escape
The Story of this game is about to find all the 9 keys which helps to open the lock and get escaped. You need to solve some simple locks and puzzles to get the keys.
Play Escape Survivor Island
You were on a trip when your plane went down into the sea. You woke up on this Island, you are the only survivor! Now you must stay alive and figure out how to escape!
Play The Hapless Princess
A cute princess, while riding finds herself in a strange place inhabited by Apes. On seeing a beautiful apple, she tries to pluck it unaware that it has some evil powers. On touching it, she suddenly finds that her face …